Our products for Safety at height

Fall from height differs from ground-level fall by the presence of drop. Thus, work on flatroof or pitched roof, on pylon,…, no matter if they are temporary or regular, carries fall from height risks.

Nowadays, falls from height unfortunatly stay the second cause of workplace accidents in France, the construction trade being the most affected.

Any employer is responsable of his employees and has to evaluate and search for existence of fall from height risk. This prevention approach carries several steps :


  • Delete risk
    The employer has to delete any risk that can be for a workstation in adopting a proactive approach
  • Evaluate risks that can’t be avoid
    Any risk of falling, sliding or hurting and its dangerousness has to be identify by the employer
  • Fighting risks from the source
    The closer from the risk source the security device is installed, the most the risk is reduced
  • Consider the technique evolution
    The employer is responsible for his securisation solutions conformity
  • Prioritize the collective protection solutions
    Guardrails, crinoline ladders, footbridges, …
  • Give operators, instructions, formations and appropriate equipments
    Employees formation concerning safety, using equipment instructions and concerning the installation of security at height solution are primordial to insure safety for all.


It is the responsibility of the employer to guaranty the good safety of his employees and actors in making available adapted protection equipments for any situation.


We support you with your safety action in providing you a range of services, documents and fall-protection solutions which are adapted to your needs (technical support, formations, fall-protection solution…).


Our in-house technicians and engineers develop engineered standard or tailor-made fall protection systems for all designs and types of structures. We master the whole manufacturing process to provide reliable, qualitative and user-friendly safety solutions.


No matter what your need is, the shape of your structure or your constraints, DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS will always provide appropriate fall protection solutions to ensure your safety and the best comfort for your operators.

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