Collective protection

When there is no possibility to eliminate the risk of falling, workers need to use suitable safety systems. To ensure them an optimum safety, permanent collective fall protection systems have to be installed.


What do we mean by “collective protection”?


Collective protection is any equipment, device, mechanism, apparatus or installation, “capable of validly ensuring the protection of employees [assigned to the position and those around them], against one or more occupational hazards and thus limit the consequences thereof” (source: I.N.R.S.: the French National Research and Safety Institute)


Collective protection systems must be installed when all measures to eliminate or reduce the risk of falling from a height have been taken and are not sufficient. The installation of such equipment makes it possible to manage the risks by avoiding any exposure to danger for employees.

Protection collective

Guardrails are the fall protection system used the most for highly trafficked areas. Designed as a protection barrier, they allow safe access to a specific point, protect users against hazards when working at height and mark danger zones.

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Grilles anti-chute

Fall protection grids are composed with a tight and resistant wire, to prevent any workers from fall hazard or from any fall of objects through rooflights. As the regulations in force require, they need to allow good smoke extraction as well.

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