The most used fall protection system for highly trafficked areas are guardrails. Designed as a protection barrier, they allow safe access to a specific point, protect users against hazards when working at height and mark danger areas.

Installed all along the roof limits or around industrial machines, they allow an easy access without using any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against falls  from a height and ensure the safety of workers while doing maintenance or cleaning operations.

ALTILISSE Guardrail solution is a sophisticated range of products which offer numerous options according to your architectural, technical or aesthetic constraints.

  • Versatility
    Can be installed on a wide range of roofs
  • No damage to roof integrety
    Installation without going under-surface
  • Long-lasting lifespan
    Entirely made of aluminium
  • Superior design
    Ergonomic components and perfect finish
EN14122-3  NF-E85015  ALU  Fabrication Française  RAL

Free-standing guardrail

No need to drill or penetrate the roof

Guardrail on parapet

Fixing on all types of parapets

Guardrail on steel deck

Fixing on all types of roofs or sandwich panels

Folding guardrail

Available in straight or curved version

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