BATILIGNE horizontal lifeline system is a user-friendly and reliable flexible fall protection system, especially designed to move all along the wire rope without unclipping.
The wire rope flexibility and the intermediate brackets allow freedom of movement.

Made up of a flexible belay cable, the BATILIGNE HLL system has been designed to be used with a single carabiner, making it very easy to connect at any point on the cable.

Smartly engineered, this fall arrest solution combines corner supports and specific intermediate supports to ensure fluidity of movement throughout the system without disconnection. The possibilities for routing and installation are thus infinite.


To move freely all along the cable and in complete safety, the operators need to clip their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to the wire rope, which is itself attached to the structure using fixed anchors called posts or anchor points.
Ideal for securing flat surfaces, such as flat roofs for example, the BATILIGNE has the advantage of being entirely versatile and can be fixed to all types of roofing thanks to the patented “ALTIFIX” range of lifeline supports.


Through the BATILIGNE fall protection solution, DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS has combined perfectly simplicity and optimal user experience.

  • User-friendly
    Can be used only with a single carabiner
  • High adaptability
    Free movement in all directions
  • Long-lasting lifespan
    Entirely made of stainless steel
  • User productivity
    Free movement all along the wire rope without disconnection
  • Optimum safety
    Equipped with tension control and fall indicators
  • Superior design
    Superior design and finish allow a perfect integration whatever architectural constraints
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BATILIGNE on steel deck

BATILIGNE on zinc standing seam roof

BATILIGNE on lift-station

BATILIGNE for maintenance on photovoltaic panels

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