Roof safety


It will never be stressed enough: collective protection (guardrails, ladders, fall arrest grids for skylights or translucent roof panels, etc.) must always be given priority over individual protection (lifelines, use of a harness, etc.). Collective protection allows to protect simultaneously all the workers on this perimeter, once it is installed on the risk area. While individual protection will only allow to secure the persons equipped and attached to the fall arrest system in place, in accordance with the regulations in force.


Roofs are a source of many risks whether they are flat or sloped. One of the most well-known and easily identified is the risk of falling from the edge of the roof. A special attention should also be given to the “fragile” roofs, i.e. those whose materials are not resistant enough and on which people cannot walk on.


Roofs are no exception to the rule of safety and must be equipped with an appropriate fall protection solution to protect effectively any operator against the risk of falling from height.
The choice of the appropriate fall protection solution will be made depending on the number of users, the frequency of intervention, the configuration and the structure of the roof to be secured.

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