Our teams bring you all their expertise for turnkey fall protection solutions

You need to secure your structure? You have some specific issues? Environmental or manufacturing constraints?


DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS designs, manufactures and installs its own fall arrest solutions. We listen to your needs and develop our solutions to meet your requirements. In order to secure your workers with the most suitable fall arrest solution, our teams help you define your needs by carrying out an on-site visit, consider the most suitable solution (standard or over-the-counter), draw up the implementation plans and install the fall protection system directly on your site. Once the solution is installed, we carry out the initial inspection before putting it into service, train and educate your teams about the risks of falling and offer you the relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Partners of all trades for many years, we secure the most varied structures: roofs, industries, photovoltaic panels, gantries, bridges, dams and water intakes, stadiums and event structures, accesses and pathways…no matter the configuration of your building or the environment in which you work (saline, chemical, high or low temperatures…), our design office conceives solutions tailored to your needs.


Are you dealing with fall protection issues? A single contact: DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS!

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