Fall arrest systems for bridges

VERTIC's COMBIRAIL inclined fall protection rail system

There is a multitude of bridge configurations, which are often true architectural marvels. Pushing back the technical constraints thanks to constant innovation in their design, architecture and choice of materials, these structures require fully versatile fall protection solutions.


With this in mind, we have engineered discrete fall arrest systems that are fully adaptable to the existing requirements. Whatever the installation, fixing constraints, or the configuration of the structure, we will help you to define the best fall arrest solution to suit your needs, and combine optimum safety for the users with superior design.


Every safety issue’s got its proper fall protection solution!

Need to move over a very long distance, in suspension, under tension or on an inclined structure? Pick a fall arrest rail system! It will ensure you complete mobility and fluidity of movements. Working on a flat surface and at distance from the system or in tension? Our HLL systems will meet your needs perfectly!


Need to secure a specific area? Our wide range of anchor points will meet your requirements.

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