Installation of an ALTIRAIL on gate for the maintenance of machines

The maintenance of your machines, buildings, transport means (train, bus, airplane, …) is an essential and mandatory step for your company. It obviously allows to ensure the safety of all your daily workers, but also to ensure the durability of your activity.


During this maintenance, the operators may have to work at height in order to examine all the decisive control points. This is at this point that the risk of falling becomes apparent.
To ensure that all the risks inherent to their activity have been taken into account and that an optimal protection solution has been provided, make sure that a fall protection professional has been involved to carry out an audit of your needs and to provide you with an adequate solution against falls from height.


This fall protection solution will of course depend on several variables:

  • the main need(s): suspended work, tension work, circulation in a defined area, low fall clearance…,
  • the frequency of use of the system,
  • the number of users,
  • the environment in which the system is installed
  • the structure on which it is fixed,
  • the allocated budget.


Our experts in fall protection support you as soon as your request is issued, in order to understand your needs as well as possible and to offer you a solution in line with your specifications as well as the elements that they will have been able to evaluate themselves on site.


Strong, modular, versatile and easy to use, DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS offers a wide range of standard solutions, but also custom-made solutions, in cases where security needs are less traditional. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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