DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS and ALPIC belong to the same holding. As a specialist in safety at heights, ALPIC provides you a full range of services in this sector:

  • Safety at height training
  • Audit and advice
  • Verification and control
  • Maintenance

Expertise advice


Identify and Assess risk factors

to ensure optimum safety for your interventions

ALPIC expertise on fall protection systems




Training workers basics

to work safely

ALPIC training about fall protection systems and safety at height hazards

Inspection control


Check and certify your equipments

to ensure their compliance and effectiveness

ALPIC control on fall protection systems




Check and repair your equipment

to ensure optimum safety

ALPIC maintenance on windmills

Related products


Flight controls by drone

to intervene only if needed

ALPIC works with drone to ensure you safety
VERTIC is certified ISO 9001
ALPIC is certified GWO
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