Access means are collective protection systems which enables easy access to your structures. They come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, heights…to suit your constraints and requirements: caged ladders, walkways, steps or platforms.


A structure at height, whether it is a roof, a machine, or an overhead crane…, must be secured with collective or individual protection to ensure that the operators working on it are completely safe. However we may not forget to take care as well of its access, to ensure to workers optimum safety form the ground.

To do so, a multitude of access means can be installed according to the configurations you have: caged ladders, walkways, stairs, platforms, ladder hooks,…


In compliance with the latest European standards, our systems combine resistance, lightness and ease of use, while guaranteeing the safety of their users.

Barre d'accroche VERTIC

VERTIC ladder hooks are engineered time- and money-saving systems. Their innovative design allows them to be fixed on all types of roofs and structures with or without offset. From now on, you no longer have to use any other equipment than your ladder.

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Echelle à crinoline

VERTIC provides tailor-made ladders to suit all types of configurations. Climbing protections can be added to prevent any unofficial use.

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Passerelles VERTIC

Walkway, maintenance and step-over platforms, steps… VERTIC provides a full range of engineered bespoke walkways available in aluminum or hot-dip galvanized steel.

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