COMBIRAIL emblem project

COMBIRAIL on the rooftops of Emblem project at Bordeaux

We take you to Bordeaux today! This beautiful city in the south-west of France is one of the most attractive of the country, thanks to the quality of life it offers but also to its exceptional architectural, cultural, gastronomic and wine-growing heritage.


Thanks to our partnership with COGEDIM, a brand of the ALTAREA Group, we were lucky enough to stay there for almost a month and a half, in the centre of the Bassins à Flot district, right in the front of the Cité du Vin.

Surrounded by its team of architects, landscapers, designers and as a real estate promoter, COGEDIM has been offering you turnkey support, for almost 60 years in all your new real estate purchasing projects.


Called on for the EMBLEM project, on Quai de Bacalan, our teams has designed and installed a complete safety solution in order to secure any operator required to work on the roofs to carry out maintenance.

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This exceptional location, between the Ecluse, the Chaban-Delmas bridge and the Cité du Vin, obviously required fall protection systems that were as discreet as possible, and that could blend into the landscape and completely be forgotten.

In addition to these aesthetic requirements, and in collaboration with COGEDIM’s S.P.S. Qualiconsult coordinator, we have identified several constraints :

  • Offer a permanent rigid fall arrest system, with no possibility of sagging: to ensure that in the event of a fall, the person’s torso never goes beyond the roof and that he or she can easily stand up on their own,
  • Offer operators a single, continuous system on the entire roof, with no unhooking,
  • Effectively secure roof slopes that sometimes reach more than 15° of inclination,
  • Take into account the several angles, ridges and valleys present,
  • Pay particular attention to the expansion of zinc, a material which partly makes up the roofing (the rest is made of zinc PLX type steel).



On these bases, our specific engineering office and our project manager have analysed all these issues and offer to install a 370-metres-rigid inclined COMBIRAIL solution in total, several access solutions: stairs and walkways as well as anchor points.


Anodised* in the same colour as the roofs, our fall protection rail system combined with our RCBC bi-directional locking runner, allow operators to move around in a totally fluid manner, while ensuring immediate locking in the event of a fall.

It has also been combined with 3- and 4-way switches, which allow users to move from one end of the roof to the other without having to unhook or change systems.

Congratulations and a huge thank to COGEDIM, our S.P.S. Qualiconsult coordinator, our sales teams, our specific engineering office, our installation teams and rope access technicians for this great project and teamwork!


* Would you like to know more about anodising our systems? Feel free to read this article or contact our teams.

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