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Jacket Lift System safety project

Heading for Italy today! We take you along with our installation partners In-Safety and Anticaduta Srl, on the Jacket Lift System (J.L.S.) safety project for the company Pioneering Spirit.
This gigantic lifting structure for construction ships, located at the stern, is composed of 2 beams, each 175 metres long, inside which two ladders of over 100 metres are installed.
A complex project perfectly carried out on site by our installation partners!


What you need to know


  • Context: securing the Jacket Lift System (J.L.S.) stern lift project of the company Pioneering Spirit, intended for construction ships
  • Structures to be secured: two ladders, each over 100 metres long
  • Environment: the ladders are located inside two 175m long beams.
    During the installation of the fall arrest system, these two beams remain horizontally down, leaving the ladders between 2 and 8 metres above the ground depending on the location.
    The confined and cramped working environment, making it impossible to use a scaffold.
  • Fall protection system installed: 200 meters of 20 micron anodized fall protection rail with RCBC bidirectional locking carriages
  • Installation partners: IN-SAFETY® and Anticaduta srl.


J.L.S.: what does it mean?


The Jacket Lift System (J.L.S.) is the new stern lift system for Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit construction vessels.
The system consists of two huge S690 steel beams, each 175m long and weighing 6500 tonnes.
Equipped with electrical, hydraulic, instrumentation and water ballast tank management systems, they were designed and manufactured by CIMOLAI, a company specialising in the supply and assembly of complex steel structures.


A huge confined space with variable geometry and difficult access


When the JLS system is in operation, the two beams rotate and move from a horizontal to a vertical position.
In the horizontal position, personnel can move around inside using walkways secured by guardrails. In the vertical position, however, a ladder must be used.
The walkways and ladders are almost parallel to each other, and are spaced at a height of between 2 and 8 metres depending on the location.

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