VERTIRAIL & COMBIRAIL on slovakian factories!

Let’s go to Slovakia with this great collaboration signed DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS and our Slovakian partner A-MAX!


The first stage of securing the access to the silos and roofs of a new factory has successfully been achieved.

A complex site requiring a meticulous approach to secure four-sided ladders with the major constraint of guaranteeing the continuity of the fall arrest system.


The solution provided by DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS and A-MAX on this project is a combination of our vertical rigid lifeline VERTIRAIL (bended to ensure a smooth and safety circulation throught the ladder’s different sections) and our inclined rigid lifeline COMBIRAIL to secure the transition from the ladder to the roof.


DELTA PLUS SYSTEMS is thanksfull to A-MAX for this collaboration on this successfull project!


You can appreciate the fluidity of this turnkey solution on a similar installation through the video below

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