Flowchart - workers safety

Ensuring workers safety – Flowchart

Ensuring workers safety while working at height, that seems obvious.

But where do we start and how do we proceed?


Follow the guide!



  1. Removing the risk
    Modifying equipment or work to eliminate working at height: work from the ground
  2. Assessing unavoidable risks
    Conducting an inventory and analysis of risks and their dangerousness (falls, slips, etc.)
  3. Fighting risks at the source
    The closer the fall prevention devices are installed to the source of the risk, the more the risk is reduced
  4. Giving priority to collective protection
    Providing permanent facilities for access to and circulation in the work area: stairs, walkways, platforms, guardrails, etc.
  5. Using personal protective equipment
    Harnesses and anchor points, fall arrest systems or access restriction systems
  6. Providing users with appropriate instructions, training and equipment
    Providing training and safety instructions for the proper use of equipment and facilities
  7. Taking into account the evolution of technology
    Ensuring compliance of security solutions



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