Securing painting rooms with our ALTIRAIL & ALTIRAIL LR solutions!

Securingpainting rooms with our ALTIRAIL & ALTIRAIL LR solutions!

Today, let’s go to Eastern Europe with this beautiful project of securing painting rooms for tramways and trains!




Our teams were called in for a project to secure painting rooms for a company working on trains and trams in the Czech Republic.


6 cabins in total ranging from 13m to 30m in length.


The painting work on trains and trams requires fluidity of movement in all directions, so our teams first considered our ALTIRAIL rail lifeline solution, which can be installed overhead (fixed to the ceiling).

However, the structure of the cabins includes a significant ventilation system above the work area, so the ALTIRAIL could not be installed there.




We therefore designed a tailor-made solution to overcome all the constraints and meet all the needs of our customer.

By combining the efficient and safe overhead position of our ALTIRAIL rail lifeline and the long span of our ALTIRAIL LR rail lifeline, we were able to create a solution that perfectly met our customer’s needs:


Adaptation to the existing structure

Two ALTIRAIL were installed on each side of the painting rooms to ensure that it could be securely fixed without damaging the ventilation.


Smooth traffic

The ALTIRAIL LR long range rail was fixed to mobile runners which were themselves installed on each of the ALTIRAIL lengths.

Thus, the circulation from left to right is ensured by the ALTIRAIL LR and the circulation from front to back is ensured by the installation of the ALTIRAIL LR on two lengths of ALTIRAIL.


User safety

In addition to the smooth flow of traffic, this solution provides complete coverage of the work area, ensuring the safety of the user throughout his work.


Before implementing this solution, our teams created a prototype in our own workshop in order to ensure the safety of this solution as well as the degree of fluidity of movement that it allowed.




A total of 6 cabins were secured:

  • 1 cabin of 30 meters long
  • 1 cabin of 17 meters long
  • 1 cabin of 15 metres long
  • 3 cabins of 13 meters long

202 meters of ALTIRAIL rail lifeline were installed as well as 72 metres of ALTIRAIL LR long range rail lifeline.


Do not hesitate to contact our teams to study your specific needs!


To see by yourself the benefits of this solution, here is a short video of use!

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