VERTIRAIL-transstockeur-VERTICCH-securite hauteur

A stacker crane system secured by VERTIC Switzerland!

Let’s go on a tour to Bern! Where our subsidiary VERTIC Suisse was a few weeks ago, to support a partner in securing its stacker crane system.

Fully automatic, this system just picks up the goods stored in the shelves as needed. This one is also equipped with ladders, which allow regular inspections throughout the year.


It is precisely to ensure the operators safety on these means of access, that VERTIC has installed 75 meters of VERTIRAIL vertical fall protection rail.

A small constraint just came up: the need to immobilize each stacker crane for a maximum of 2 hours.


Challenge accepted and perfectly met! The five 15m-VERTIRAIL were pre-assembled, and the installation took finally 1h30 per ladder, including dismantling of the old existing system!


Congratulations to the teams!

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